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Our principle focus is to identify and secure on-screen talent for commissioned television programmes and for programme ideas in development. We've been casting talent for broadcasters and independent production companies for more than 14 years, and have a good understanding of individual channel requirements and the casting process. We've booked talent for over 50 primetime television productions and have successfully secured HUNDREDS of high profile celebrity names for almost every type of show and for every major broadcaster in the UK.

Using an already established and successful track record in television, we have expanded into other media platforms and also secure talent for companies who specialise in New Media including online and mobile.

With access to a vast network of industry contacts and a proven ability to secure some of the biggest celebrity names, we are uniquely positioned to assist pr and marketing companies, ad agencies and brands who require established talent for endorsements, commercials, pr campaigns, events and corporate functions.

Our impressive talent database, established over the years and continually updated, contains celebrity information as well as thousands of industry contacts, both in the UK and the US. From the worlds of Television, Film, Music, Sport, Comedy, Fashion, Politics and Industry, we're confident we can access almost any UK or international celebrity name you need.

We deal with agents, managers and publicists on a daily basis and can offer guidance on the best approach, as well as the kind of fees and type of proposals they're likely to consider. Much of our success in securing often 'hard to book' names lies in the trust we've built with them, along with the many stars we've worked with to date. These close and longstanding relationships allow us privileged access and the opportunity to present your ideas directly to the decision makers, so as to quickly and accurately establish a talent's availability for your project.

When it comes to finding specific talent for a project, we have our fingers firmly on the celebrity pulse and can advise and assist with creative ideas and suggestions. Our talent database contains key biographical information on individual talent and we're up-to-date on the latest showbiz news, stories, and planned events. We can suggest a diverse range of exciting, high profile names according to their interests, skills and causes, as well as tell you who's in town and who's promoting what. With extensive knowledge of the celebrity circuit and a keen topical awareness, we think creatively in order to identify the right talent to match your brief.

Working flexibly to suit budgets and timeframes, we believe no project is too big or too small. From a single day's consultation to casting an entire production, including negotiating artist fees and contracts. Our team bring the same expertise and enthusiasm to absolutely everything we do.

Founded on the principles of integrity and excellence, we are committed to providing levels of service and success that exceed expectations. We're a small company with big ambitions and really passionate about what we do. Eager to embrace new challenges and determined to stay at the forefront of our profession; we're driven by the desire to book the talent that others can't.

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